The Bid Warden’s Ramblings

The seagulls have gone but now CCC Highways have decided to close Haweswater Road. What next!!

Despite representations from the BID and businesses right across the estates, Highways could not be persuaded to do their work in a different way to avoid a full closure.
Mayhem has ensued as we thought it would with the diversion causing confusion to many, particularly HGV drivers.
Hopefully, the BID’s request to CCC Highways for greater consultation will be heeded to avoid such situations arising in the future.

So back to seagulls – we have received incident logs from many of the badly affected businesses across the estates and these will be submitted to Natural England as part of the BID’s application to try and get a licence for egg and nest collection for 2022.
In addition, we are seeking advice in relation to items that could be used to stop seagulls from nesting. These will include the use of falcons, lasers, sounders and spiking.
In many respects, if we can stop them from nesting this is half the battle.

My warden work continues.
Eden District Council has completed the cleaning of the footpaths and works on the grass verges is also complete for this year.
Under the terms of the Baseline Services Agreement with EDC grass cutting ended at the end of September and is set to resume from March 2022.
I should say at this point that I would like to thank Paul Emmerson of EDC who I have been working with in relation to grass cutting and verge improvement. Paul has recently retired and I would like to wish him well for the future.

As I said in my last ‘ramble’ I look forward to catching up with businesses as I ‘travel’ the estates but if you do need to report any issues please feel free to ring me on 07711549257 or email