The BID Wardens Ramblings – September ’21

After 6 months of walking the estates as BID Warden, it has been quite an eye-opener for me particularly in regard to the amount of litter which seems to get deposited by some uncaring and irresponsible drivers but also the number of seagulls which become the curse of some many areas around the estate’s especially towards the end of July when they are protecting their young.  My Hi-Viz seemed to attract the seagulls so much so that dive-bombing became a regular occurrence as well as getting covered with the odd ‘deposit’.

As part of my role as BID Warden, I have also worked in partnership with Eden District Council to improve certain areas around the estates through hedge and grass cutting and verge clearance.
Hopefully, these meet with the levy payer’s approval and the BID’s objective of improving the business environment.

BUT most importantly it seems that, as I become a more regular sight on the estates, I am being approached by businesses for help and assistance in regard to various issues on the estates. These have included in particular irresponsible parking by HGV’s and other highways issues many of which have been and will continue to be, taken up with the Police and Cumbria Highways.

I look forward to catching up with businesses as I ‘travel’ the estates as BID Warden, but if you do need to report any issues please feel free to ring me on 07711549257 or email