A great place to Work,
Shop and do Business

If we need something, most of us will hop in our car and head to the local supermarket or high street, however Penrith Business Parks is home to some little gems that are waiting to be discovered.

We have a butcher, a pie maker (no candlestick maker) a dairy, Chinese takeaway and a brewery too!  Not only that you can get your hair coiffured, some curtains made, buy some fishing tackle, if that’s your thing, or have a nice soothing massage at the physio.

Perhaps you are doing some renovations and need a new kitchen, bathroom or carpets fitting? Or maybe you need to bring in the big guns and hire some equipment – we have it covered!  We even have an interior designer for all those finishing touches too.

So, if you want to discover some of these hidden gems on the Penrith Business Parks, check out our directory.