Penrith Industrial BID’s Second Term: Transforming Business Parks for a Bright Future

The Penrith Industrial Business Improvement District (BID) has now embarked on its second term.  Following a successful vote that saw overwhelming support from local businesses, the Penrith Business Parks are poised for another five years of transformation and growth. As the BID steps into this new phase, it sets forth a vision that encompasses four main project areas:

1 – Infrastructure, Transport, and Access

Efficient infrastructure, transport solutions, and accessibility are pivotal for a thriving business environment. In the second term, the BID is committed to working closely with relevant agencies to ensure these aspects receive the attention they deserve. Collaborative efforts will lead to improvements in junction lining, signage, and traffic-calming measures, including digital speed signage. Ensuring an optimal parking situation, both for HGVs and within the Penrith Business Parks, remains a priority.

Additionally, the BID will focus on enhancing footpath routes to the estates and extending the network of Defibrillator machines while offering training on their use. These measures will not only improve the functionality of the business parks but also increase safety and accessibility.

2: A Clean Environment

Promoting a clean and appealing environment is essential for both businesses and the local community.  Initiatives that reduce energy consumption and facilitate a Zero Carbon footprint are at the forefront. The BID will continue to maintain and enhance green spaces with strategic landscaping initiatives and measures like seagull control and street furniture installation aim to create a visually appealing environment. Furthermore, the BID wardens will ensure public areas are kept neat and tidy.

3: Working Together

One of the most significant strengths of the Penrith Industrial BID is its ability to unite over 150 businesses under one voice. This unity empowers businesses to address issues that might be insurmountable on an individual basis. The second term is all about strengthening this unity.  The BID will also foster strong connections with the Westmorland and Furness Council and other business organisations.

The second term will see continued training and networking opportunities, website development, dissemination of useful information, and an emphasis on marketing and promotion to benefit all businesses. The goal is to work in harmony and share collective power in overcoming challenges and enhancing the business community within the Penrith Business Parks.

4: Safety & Security

Safety and security are paramount to a thriving business community. In the second term, the BID will maintain and keep under review existing safety and security measures, ensuring that businesses operate in a safe environment.

As the BID’s second term begins, it’s important to recognise the significant accomplishments of the first term. The estates within the Penrith Business Parks have witnessed remarkable improvements in infrastructure, security, cleanliness, and community building. All of these transformations have been the result of the BID’s hard work.  The BID is eager to continue the journey of progress into this new term, enhancing the Penrith Business Parks for all who work, shop, and do business within.