Our Very Own Ast Signs is now Carbon Neutral

One of our very own business parks businesses has been officially classed as Carbon Neutral.

Ast Signs is a branding specialist and received the certification with PAS2060. This is a specification which details how to demonstrate carbon neutrality and is produced and published by the British Standards Institution, an national standards body.

To be classified as carbon neutral a company must demonstrate that it doesn’t add to the total amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by doing things to remove as much carbon dioxide as it creates.

Ast employs more than 80 people and is the first UK branding company of its size to achieve carbon neutral status.

They have been working for the last two years towards this carbon neutral goal by introducing solar panels, electric cars, charging points and energy efficient technologies, increasing recycling and reducing travel and fuel consumption.

They are now working towards their ambitious goal of becoming net zero, a term which means achieving a low balance between the green house gases put into the atmosphere and those taken out.

Mark Aston, managing director of Ast, said:

 “We’re proud to be the first branding company of our size to become carbon neutral in accordance with PAS2060 and the last two years have been a great learning process – we’re now working hard to become net zero.

“It’s good to know we’re doing everything we can to work sustainably and us being carbon neutral will be of huge value to our clients, who are conscious of their own carbon footprint.”


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