News – Funding from the Chamber

Have you been wanting to work with a consultant on your business but with tightening demands on your funds just haven’t been able to consider it?

Well, let Cumbria Business Growth Hub offer you 40% of the total cost towards support including:

  1. Website development/review/refresh including photography and video
  2. Search engine optimisation support to ensure your website gets the hits it should
  3. Marketing  (just not printed collateral)
  4. Succession planning/business continuity
  5. HR
  6. Legal
  7. Accountancy
  8. Planning/architectural
  9. Accreditations such as ISO or SALSA
  10. Supply chain

The above are only a few of the ways you can use a consultant to help develop and grow your business.

We have funds for businesses in the first three years of trading – 40% up to £2,000 and funds for more established businesses – 40% up to £4,000.

It’s got to be a new project which hasn’t yet started, three supplier quotes and the best part is you choose who you work with. Our application is only three pages and is really simple to complete,all we ask is the project has a minimum spend of £2,500 for us to pay £1,000. We even pay the supplier our contribution to help with cash-flow.

If you’re interested in finding out more or submitting an application please email – eligibility criteria do apply but don’t let that put you off enquiring,if we can help we will.