New BID Warden appointed

A local charity that provides support, services, work placements and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities, those with neurodiversity and additional needs throughout the Eden Valley have been appointed as our new BID Warden.  4Eden’s Fixit4Eden team began working on the Business Parks in December last year and are already making an impact on the local environment of the estates.

The Fixit4Eden team (including 1 member of staff, 3 guys and their van) provide a wide variety of services and small contracts that just ‘fixit,’ from gardening to painting, sorting, and tidying in the local community.  The contract Fixit4Eden has been awarded by the BID board, is to ensure the Penrith Business Parks remain free from litter.

One of the projects we have been working on over the past year is to promote a clean and appealing environment across the Penrith Business Parks.  Additional litter bins have been installed around the estates and 4Eden’s team now appointed to help maintain a clean environment and ensure Penrith Business Parks looks tidy and professional.

Not only does the contract from the industrial BID bring in vital funds for the charity to support & enable people but it also offers their guys the opportunity of employment, to be part of their local community and to feel empowered and valued.

Jacqui Taylor, Chief Officer of 4Eden comments

“Our aim is to offer people in our community the opportunity to learn new skills, get out and about, and to be seen doing everyday tasks that promote their skills.  Many of our guys are passionate about working but have not been given the opportunities they deserve through the education systems or by employers.  Taking an active visual part in their local community is essential to raise the awareness of the value of including all adults and changing society’s perceptions of people with disabilities. We see their abilities and not their disabilities; we want to share that with our local community!

We knew this was the perfect opportunity for our FixIt4Eden team when we saw it advertised.  Our guys, once tasked with something like litter picking will really embrace the challenge and make sure that every single piece of litter is picked up.  The guys give their all, take pride in their work and this promotes self-confidence, self-value and self-worth”

The team from Fixit4Eden visit the Business Parks several times a week, collecting rubbish that has been discarded.  They hope to build relationships with the businesses and become a valued asset to them, using the other services they offer too.

Andy Jones, Chairman of the BID board, added

“We feel really proud to have the Fixit4Eden team helping us keep the Business Parks tidy and clean.  It is such an important job and one we know the levy payers are passionate about. 

More importantly, to be able to give these guys an opportunity to work is fantastic.  We hope that levy payers on the Business Parks will recognise the work they are doing for us and look at how you could support them too; whether that is painting an office, or moving equipment, maintenance or gardening, the more jobs we can give the team, the more funds the charity can raise to support more people with paid employment and opportunities.”

The contact has only been going a couple of months, but the FixIt4Eden team have already collected many bags of litter, which has improved the cleanliness of the Business Parks and the local environment.  Fixit4Eden’s presence is really valued on the Penrith Business Parks by the BID board and all the levy payers and we hope they become a permanent feature of the Business Parks team.