MP to Meet with Eden District Council Leaders

Dr Neil Hudson, MP for Penrith and The Border, is meeting with the leadership of Eden District Council to hear how the Council can support Government ambitions to spread opportunities to rural areas like Eden.

Council Leaders will be discussing opportunities for partnership working and giving an overview of the Council’s Inspiring Eden plans for rural excellence.

They will be looking for opportunities for partnership working, especially in relation to key strategic levers like the Levelling Up agenda, UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Inspiring Eden strategy for rural excellence.

The Government’s ambition for Levelling Up is to increase opportunities more equally across the UK; whilst its Shared Prosperity Fund aims to back its levelling up commitment to all parts of the UK.

Inspiring Eden is the Council’s ambition to transform Eden into a centre of rural excellence that uplifts, diversifies and modernises the rural economy as an exemplar for rural living in the 21st century. Eden District Council has committed a £780,000 investment, this coming financial year, to drive delivery of the programme and to lever in other funding, such as the Levelling Up Fund to deliver the ambitious plan.

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