Managing Gull Populations at Penrith Business Parks

You may have noticed that the gulls down at Penrith Business Parks are a bit restless. This is because our specialist from the Owl Trust has begun with the gull control programme.

Richard Cooper, a specialist from the Owl Trust, has initiated a gull control program with promising results. After just two weeks, we’ve observed a significant decrease in gull activity as they’re deterred from nesting within our premises. Importantly, no harm is coming to these birds during the process.

Moreover, we’re working closely with Natural England to obtain the necessary licensing for gull control, and the response has been positive thus far. As part of our strategy, we’re installing two laser systems approved by Natural England, known for their effectiveness in reducing gull populations in urban areas.

Our commitment to managing gull populations not only enhances the environment for businesses, staff, and customers but also contributes to the overall well-being of the local ecosystem.

For more information and updates on our gull control efforts, stay tuned to our website and newsletters.