Latest update from the BID

Gulls-  As you are aware we were unable to do very much during 2021, however we have asked for health and safety information to be collected by all affected businesses during this summer.  The gulls are now leaving us, so we will be contacting businesses over the next few weeks to obtain their evidence and if we are in possession of specific health and safety issues we will be able to apply to Natural England for licences in 2022.  In addition, we are meeting with Cumbria Wildlife Trust  to establish a gull wildlife habitat, which is a requirement of Natural England, so there is an opportunity for the gulls to relocate.  We have ring fenced the gull budget to ensure funding for non invasive gull control during the early part of 2022 in order to try and discourage nesting.  We  are working with a range of contractors to look at how we can use spiking, sounders and hawk flying to deter nesting in early spring 2022.  More details will be available once we have received businesses health and safety information.

Marketing – The directors have appointed a marketing consultant, Lisa Jackson from Acorn Marketing, who is using our published directory, to provide social media posts for each sector several days a week.  She began in July and is only posting confirmed levy payers.  We are developing an online monthly newsletter and we have an ongoing marketing plan to use social media, follow, share and like combined with using digital media in Cumberland Herald.  We are in negotiations with CFM for a radio marketing campaign.

Training – We continue to work with Cumbria Chamber and they have offered a lot of training and support.  In addition Penrith BID is providing Mental Health First Aid training to support businesses with their staff’s well being, particularly after the pandemic.

Please email Amanda if you want any information regarding our training courses.