Latest update from the BID

Safety and Security – Following the BID survey which many of you were involved in, it was agreed that in addition to the DNA forensic testing kits which were sent out to all levy paying businesses, and the CCTV which has been installed at the entrance to Penrith Industrial Estate and Gilwilly Industrial Estate, the BID company would employ the services of a security company to undertake daily patrols of the estates.  Following a tender process, Northern Security were appointed to undertake daily patrols, these commenced in July.  The patrols have been well received by levy payers as they are at random times and combined with the CCTV and Selects DNA signage which has been installed there appears to have been a reduction in crime within Penrith Business Parks

Signage – We have received planning consent from EDC for most of the way fairing signage at each road end.  We are currently in the process of obtaining land owner consent for the installation or resubmitting our application to EDC for three of the signs.  We are looking to install this signage as soon as consent is finalised.  Once we are in receipt of this consent AST will be installing all the signage.  It is our expectation it will be completed before the end of 2021.

Clean Environment – The BID warden, Richard Utting, is very well received around the estates, with lots of positive comments from businesses.  We have also continued to work with EDC and the SLA is up to date and areas which were neglected from their work schedule are now being included.  The BID warden is providing a monthly update within the newsletter, but if you see anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us and Richard will come and assist, if possible.