Grow your International Sales with the UK Export Academy

The UK Export Academy is a free training programme from the Department for International Trade and is delivered through a hybrid of online and face to face learning.

Thousands of businesses have already taken advantage of this and discovered their export potential, increased confidence and up-skilled their knowledge of overseas sales and all that needs to be done is to create a personalised account, then you can choose which events are best for you. New sessions are being added all the time, so it’s best to keep checking.

What’s involved?

There’s a whole range of workshop options from introductory sessions to sector specific workshops and all of these add up to hours of content available for all SMEs across the UK, whether you’re brand new to exporting or looking for a refresher.

Foundation Course – Beginner modules introduce you to key exporting basics, including how to create an export action plan, identify your target audience, conduct market research, understand customs documentation, export services overseas and much more.

Masterclass – Intermediate modules explore specialised areas of interest in more details. From workshops in specific sectors to market focused, you’ll get practical advice and tips relevant to your chosen field. These workshops are ideal for those who already have an exporting business but are looking for growth into specialist market sectors.

Opportunities – The market modules bring the knowledge and guidance of international colleagues, so you can discover opportunities in markets of interest, including the benefits of new free trade agreements.

Who is the Export Academy for?

The UK export academy is open to any business in the UK who has a product or service that can be sold internationally. It is for businesses who know they want to reach international customers and contracts in the future, as well as those who might already be selling beyond the UK and want to expand into new markets.


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