Eden Council launches a new fund to support sustainable projects

Eden district council announced a new six-figure fund to support local community-led sustainability projects.

Called the COP26 Community Fund, they have set aside the money to help fund projects that aim to tackle climate change, reduce carbon emissions or protect and enhance biodiversity.

Cllr Virginia Taylor, Eden District Council leader, commented:

“At the local government conference last week, I saw research by Exeter University forecasting that summer rainfall in Cumbria will be halved by the time our children are grown up. This will change our wildlife landscape, farming – everything. This fund will help communities do all they can to slow down these changes.”

This fund scheme aims to improve the natural environment in Eden to encourage sustainability and promote community engagement and participation in environmental and sustainability projects.

It is open for community groups and organisations to apply for funding, but they must show how their project or event will contribute to the sustainability of Eden’s communities.

Find out more about this fund here