Cumbria’s Apprenticeship Strategy

Apprenticeships are a vital part of Cumbria’s skills and talent development structure, and the strength of in in our region is something we can all be proud of.

Across the whole of the UK there are around 2,000 apprenticeships completed every year, which adds to the supply of skills that employers are asking for.

And, Cumbria has one of the highest rates of entry into and participation in apprenticeships, particularly for the 16-20 age range, which reflects the area’s education, training, and quality of apprenticeship programmes offered.

The economy and labour market is facing considerable turbulence and challenges, particularly in the fall in workforce and changing skills needs – with a greater demand for higher level skills.

Apprenticeships are a critical part of meeting these challenges and opportunities.

To make sure Cumbria’s apprenticeship system is operating in a way that meets these challenges and to make improvements to the current provision, the apprenticeship strategy aims to develop and refine the current system to:

  • Develop more quality apprenticeships in skills relays to meet the current and future needs of the economy.
  • Improve participation in apprenticeships overall
  • Improve the preparedness of young people for apprenticeships
  • Improve the delivery of apprenticeships

The latest Cumbria Apprenticeship Strategy report is available for you to view here.