Cumbria Quality Care

We have a new business to welcome to the Penrith Business Parks – Cumbria Quality Care run by husband and wife team Sharon and Alan Baxter.  Their new head office overlooks Thack-beck nature reserve and is in a nice quiet location on the Eden Business Park, which is perfect for their new day care services.

Cumbria Quality Care have been offering care services and companionship to clients in Penrith for almost ten years and have recently opened their new day care centre.

Their day service runs on a Monday and a Wednesday and will hopefully open full time as numbers increase.  The sessions have proved to be successful so far, with clients settling in well and forming new routines and making friends.

Many people have faced isolation and loneliness as a result of the pandemic, so Cumbria Quality Care aims to bridge this gap, get people back out and active again.

Sharon comments,

“We used to take our clients out and about and to clubs, but due to the pandemic many of them are not reopening.  People have been stuck indoors for a long time, often on their own, so there is a great need for people to get out to see other people, to re-engage with society and also to re-develop key skills such as mobility”

The day care sessions include a wide range of activity-based things to do such as gardening, games, arts and crafts, exercise and physical activity and seasonal activities.  The sessions also come as a relief for carers or family members who may have been looking after relatives and are in need of some respite themselves.

The team has found more people are needing their care services, but with staff shortages across the industry, they have been struggling to keep up with demand.  If you know of someone who is interested in working with the team at Cumbria Quality Care, please contact Sharon on: 01768 864637