COP26 Community Fund

Following the COP26 event in Glasgow, and to celebrate and continue the momentum of the event, Eden District Council has allocated £160k for the 22-23 period to the fund.

Since COVID-19, many have found a refuge in outdoor spaces and have become much more conscious of the state of the natural environment, renewing their sense of community.

This fund will support community-led sustainability projects across Eden, including tackling climate change, protecting and enhancing biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions.

It ultimately aims to do several things, including:

  • improving the natural environment in Eden district,
  • encouraging sustainability and long-term actions,
  • promoting community engagement and participation in environmental and sustainability projects

With the fund helping to reach the goal of net-zero by 2030, the fund is expected to have a range of benefits for the residents of Eden, including things like:

  • increasing the use of renewable energy,
  • helping promote and enhance natural habitats and biodiversity
  • helping reduce air pollution

…all of which would improve the health of all Eden residents.

Grants are available to community groups and organisations. Those wanting to apply need to show how their project or event contributes to the sustainability of Eden’s communities.

To find out more about the project, visit these pages.