Clean Environment

Richard Utting recently accompanied Andrea McConnell from Eden District Council (EDC) around the estates to review the improvement works agreed with the BID and undertaken by the district council last year.

Andrea has taken over from Paul Emmerson who retired last year so the BID felt that it was important for his successor to understand the works which had been done so successfully as well as ensure that EDC continues to carry out their various duties which fall under the Services Agreement which the BID have with the local authority.

Seagulls – Thank you to everyone who has provided Health and Safety information about the impact gulls have on their business. The applications are completed and have been submitted to Natural England.

We have all done everything we can. As soon as we have an outcome, we will notify businesses.

In addition to the licence applications, the Directors have taken advice from a specialist gull control company and a gull control programme for Spring and Summer 2022 is being finalised.

Once this has been agreed all businesses will be informed of the methods Penrith Industrial BID will be funding to help dissuade the gulls from nesting across Penrith Business Park.