BID Warden’s Ramblings December 2021

Here is the latest update and monthly ramblings from our BID Warden.  From litter picking to seagulls…


The last 4 weeks have seen no improvement in the amount of litter being deposited across the business parks. In fact, in some areas, it has got progressively worse.

On average over the last 8 months since the warden contract started I have collected 4/5 bags of rubbish every week across all the estates with some individual areas being worse than others.  There is no easy answer to try and get people to take home their rubbish.  It never ceases to amaze me that some people put their rubbish in a bag and then throw it out of their window. Why they don’t just take it home is beyond me!  However, I hope that there has been a visible improvement in the cleanliness of the estates

The warden contract which I took on from April has come to an end and with it my term as warden. It has been an eye-opening exercise but one which has allowed me to see first-hand many of the problems which have existed when it comes to creating a clean and inviting environment, something the BID set out to do from its inception.

It has also allowed me to ensure that Eden District Council have undertaken the work they are contracted to do under the Baseline Services Agreement held with the BID covering such areas as grass cutting and road/footpath cleansing.  Also, with cooperation from EDC, we have been able to improve certain areas such as the wildflower beds on Haweswater Road and the area beside the allotments on Gilwilly Road. My thanks go out to them for all their help in this regard.

The BID will shortly announce who will take over the warden duties, but even though I have relinquished the post myself, myself and Amanda will continue to monitor the estates to ensure that the improvements which have been made are maintained as well as look at news ones of which we feel there is a number.

As always if there are any issues that you feel need reporting please feel free to ring me on 07711549257 or email



We are very conscious that our ‘feathered friends’ will be returning in the spring of next year. With this in mind, we are due to submit a licence application to Natural England for egg and nest collection.  We would like to thank all those businesses who have submitted to us their gull incident logs which will hopefully be sufficient to persuade the authorities to provide us with a licence.

Whether we are successful or not we are also looking at nest preventative measures which will hopefully be installed by the spring of next year. In this regard, we will be contacting individual businesses who seem to have the biggest problems.