Listening to your needs and improving the trading environment.

The BID Board has listened to the needs of businesses on the Penrith Business Parks and is committed to helping shape and improve our shared business environment.

That’s why the BID is commissioning several major projects, each designed to make a real difference to our business community. These initiatives will tackle the most common priorities and challenges identified by businesses on the Penrith Business Parks, both during the initial survey and the Mid Term Review survey.

All the BID’s projects will help improve the trading environment for everyone and contribute to a prosperous and sustainable future.

Improving access

The BID will work to make the most of a great location. Improved signage will aim to boost the Penrith Business Parks’ presence in surrounding areas – reminding locals about the hundreds of great businesses right on their doorstep, while making it easier for drivers to find Penrith Business Parks.

The BID will also work with local authorities and land owners to make it easy for people to get to and from the Penrith Business Parks. This includes improving pedestrian walkways and cycleways so staff will have a choice to leave their cars at home.

New signage

Most businesses have asked for improved signage to highlight our great placement and boost our local presence. New gateway signage has been installed and during 2021 wayfairing signage will be installed with much clearer directions and a fresh new look. This will raise the profiles of businesses and make it easier for both locals and visitors to find them.

Improving walkways & cycle paths

There are so many benefits to walking or riding to work. We are working to improve walkways and cycleways to make a better impression on locals and visitors and take advantage of our location close to Penrith town centre.

A clean environment

The BID is working to promote a clean and appealing environment across the Penrith Business Parks. Damage to property and goods, loss of amenity, constant cleaning and safety issues create their own ongoing costs. The BID will take a smart, coordinated approach to helping maintain an ideal place to work and do business. It’s about making a great impression on customers and visitors alike.

Pest control

Gulls and rodents damage to buildings and stock, create ongoing cleaning and repair costs. They pose a risk to health and reduce the appeal of the location. The BID is currently seeking advice from several specialists on how best to manage pests across the Penrith Business Parks.

Clean Estates Campaign

Additional litter bins have been installed around the estates and these are emptied twice weekly by the local council.  A BID Warden has recently been appointed to help maintain a clean environment and ensure Penrith Business Parks looks professional.

Working together

With over 150 businesses speaking as one, the Business Improvement District’s advocacy carries real weight. This puts businesses in a great negotiating position to tackle issues too big to take on alone. Together, businesses on the Penrith Business Parks have more buying power and fewer roadblocks when tackling priority issues.

Liaising with local authorities

As part of the Business Improvement District arrangements, the local council provide an explicit Baseline Services Agreement setting out the services provided by the council. This covers things like street cleaning, waste collection and ground management. The BID has worked hard with EDC to review and agree a Service Level Agreement which will provide a high level of service for levy payers.

Joint provisioning of services

The BID partnership with Cumbria Chamber of Commerce provides training, support, subsidy grants and much more to each business within Penrith Business Parks.  The BID is commissioning training courses for First Aid and Health and Safety, which will be free of charge to levy payers.

New campaigns

Bringing businesses together creates the chance to coordinate information campaigns and act as a catalyst for networking, which can hopefully be reintroduced towards the end of 2021. The BID will spark cooperation between businesses and find smart new ways to improve the Penrith Business Parks for everyone.

Safety & security

Full of valuable goods and often empty at night – business parks can be a magnet for criminals.

As well as bearing the cost of property damage and insurance premiums – crime and safety issues also harm the image of the Penrith Business Parks, lower staff morale and waste time. Everyone should feel safe to walk to their car or lock up the building and leave for the night.

The BID regularly talks with Eden District Council and Cumbria Constabulary to address crime across the Penrith Business Parks. The aim is to help authorities prevent and deter crimes rather than react after the damage is done.

New CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are a great deterrent against crime and antisocial behaviour, but they can’t stop crimes as they’re occurring. The BID has recently, in partnership with EDC and Cumbria Constabulary installed CCTV at the entrance to Gilwilly and Penrith Industrial Estate.  The camera’s are monitored by the police 24/7, meaning authorities will know if a stolen or suspect vehicle appears, or can react to tackle crimes in a timely manner.

New street lighting, parking and traffic management

Overnight parking is an issue for some within the estates.  The BID is working with the Highways Department, Cumbria Constabulary to look at solutions to this problem.

Want to get involved?

We’re looking for local businesses to help us deliver these fantastic projects. If you’d like to find out more simply fill out our contact form and tell us what you’re thinking.

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Improving our image

The BID has created a bright, modern identity for Penrith Industrial Estates. The new, unified brand will help to raise the profile of every business on the three estates that make up the Penrith Business Parks – and create a strong platform for businesses to market themselves. This brand will be a valuable resource for future projects and collaborations and make it easy to explain what the Penrith Business Parks are and what they do.

The Penrith Business Parks website will provide a comprehensive platform for businesses to promote their services and a valuable resource hub for information and new opportunities. The website will encourage collaboration and innovation and showcase the Penrith Business Parks as a great place to work and do business.