Business Plan 2023-2028

Business Plan for the second term of the Penrith Industrial Business Improvement District.

Today the three estates which make up the Penrith Business Parks, are very different places from the ones we were working in 5 years ago.

Since its inception in 2018, the Penrith Industrial BID has been the driving force to deliver change on the Penrith Business Parks. From infrastructure and security to new services, marketing, training, events and other initiatives, the Penrith Industrial Estate BID has been at the centre of it all.

We hope you would agree that since the BID was established things have dramatically improved. 

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Please see below the different projects the Penrith Industrial BID plan to work on in our next 5 year term.

Infrastructure, Transport and Access

  • Work with all relevant agencies to improve the efficiency of the estates covering such areas as improvements to junction lining and signage and traffic calming measures including digital speed signage.
  • Continue to monitor HGV parking
  • Continue to review parking requirements within Penrith Business Parks, following the installation of additional parking
  • Work closely with the new Westmorland and Furness Council and other funding opportunities that can provide better services to the estates
  • Ensure the infrastructure and facilities on offer meet expectations associated with a premier business destination so that businesses can function, staff are satisfied, and visitors are impressed
  • Ensure that all footpath routes to the estates are fit for purpose
  • Maintain and extend the network of Defibrillator machines linked with training in their use

A Clean Environment

The BID is working to promote a clean and appealing environment across the Penrith Business Parks.

  • Initiatives and support to help reduce energy use and achieve Zero Carbon
  • Help and support to install shared renewable energy systems
  • Installation of publicly accessible EV charging points
  • Continue to maintain verges and shrub areas
  • Enhance the area by strategic landscaping; Wild flower planting, floral schemes, and landscaping, to encourage and enhance biodiversity
  • Continuation of seagull controls
  • Installation of street furniture
  • Continue to improve the physical appearance of the estate by employment of the BID wardens to keep the public areas neat and tidy

Working together

With over 150 businesses speaking as one, the Business Improvement District’s advocacy carries real weight. This puts businesses in a great negotiating position to tackle issues too big to take on alone. Together, businesses on the Penrith Business Parks have more buying power and fewer roadblocks when tackling priority issues.

  • Develop strong links with the new Westmorland and Furness Council and other business organisations
  • Continue and develop the promotion of job vacancies and apprenticeships through Penrith Business Parks website.
  • To work with the Penrith Chamber and other local business organisations to ensure the voice of businesses within Penrith Business Parks is considered in local and regional decisions
  • Procure services from businesses on the estates whenever possible and in line with cost efficiency requirements
  • Continue to provide training and networking opportunities
  • Continue to develop the Penrith Business Parks website, the business directory and the promotion of the estates and its businesses
  • Continue to disseminate information which is useful and relevant to businesses from local, regional and national organisations
  • Market and promote Penrith Business Parks, for the benefit of all businesses, through the website and social media channels

Safety & Security

  • Maintain and keep under review existing safety and security measures
  • Maintain the existing monitored CCTV coverage and work with the Police and Crime Commissioner to explore ways of extending the coverage
  • Further develop the partnership with Cumbria Police to ensure maximum effective collaboration of the service provided and appreciation within the force of the needs and expectations of the estates
  • Provide the link to crime prevention advice
  • Organise regular security events to share advice and information.

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