2021 Achivements

Penrith Industrial Business Improvement District (BID), was established just over three years ago.  It is a partnership between businesses and property owners on the main industrial estates in Penrith; Gilwilly Industrial Estate, Penrith Industrial Estate and Eden Business Park.

The BID is run by a board of Directors, who are volunteers from businesses across the estates.  They have listened to the needs of businesses on the Penrith Business Parks and are committed to helping shape and improve their shared business environment.  Together the BID is tackling issues too big for single businesses to solve on their own by creating a strong voice to advocate for Penrith businesses and help to make ambitious projects possible.

The current programme focuses on five key initiatives;

  1. Working Together
  2. Brand and Image
  3. Safety & Security
  4. Improved Accessibility
  5. Clean Environment

The BID is continually trying to improve all these areas of focus and despite being hindered by the Pandemic have made significant developments and achievements over the past few years.

Most notably is the new branding, which brings all three industrial estates under one umbrella brand of the “Penrith Business Parks”.  Gateway signage has been installed and wayfaring signage for road ends is being installed very soon.

Improvements have been made to the image of the Business Parks with landscape work and maintenance of verges and planting.  Greater collaboration with Eden District Council has led to increased grass cutting, street cleansing and waste collection.

4Eden a local charity that provides support, services, and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities have been appointed as the Business Parks BID Warden team.  The “Fixit4Eden” team began working on the Business Parks in December last year to ensure the estates remain free from litter.  This partnership keeps our local environment clean and gives their team new opportunities to undertake paid work and develop their skills.

The vast population of seagulls has always been an issue on the Business Parks.  Changes in legislation have proved difficult, but a licence application for egg and nest removal to Natural England is to be submitted for 2022 together with actions to limit nesting birds and therefore hopefully improve this issue on the Business Parks.

New security measures have been put in place, including installation of CCTV cameras, overnight security patrols, forensic DNA kits on-site for all businesses, monitoring of HGV parking and litter issues. In 2022 through liaison with Cumbria Police Constabulary, it is hoped to establish a business watch scheme.

Behind the scenes, the BID board have been meeting with businesses to provide help and assistance for all levy payers with any issues they have.  They have provided mental health first aid training using CADAS a local charity that specialises in supporting mental health and addictions, first aid courses, installed defibrillators and provided training on how to use this life-saving equipment.  A wide variety of grants and training opportunities have been made available, in partnership with Cumbria Growth Hub and Eden District Council.

In addition to the new branding and signage, promotion of the businesses has been considered crucial to ensure local consumers are aware of the amazing range of businesses within Penrith Business Parks.  Check out the new website, which contains a directory of all the businesses and services available within the Business Parks.  Find Penrith Business Parks on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn for regular updates on individual businesses.  You can also find out more information through local press channels and hear about us each afternoon on CFM.

The BID hopes to develop more networking events and face to face meetings now Pandemic restrictions are easing.  Their aim is to strengthen ongoing partnerships between the businesses and foster new relationships on the Business Parks to make business even brighter in the future.

The Directors have achieved a lot to support businesses over the last three years and will continue to help, support, and develop this expanding business community as a great place to work, shop and do business.  We hope you will visit us soon.