Last week businesses from the Penrith Business Parks had a fascinating tour of Omega Proteins. Danny Sawrij, CEO gave a comprehensive overview of the business and its contribution to the local economy, food & agricultural industries. £105 million has been invested since 2002 in buildings, technology, equipment, odour abatement, energy efficiency and people.
There were interesting discussions and questions from the businesses and reinforcement that Omega Proteins is keen to work with the community and local businesses.
Reminder:  All levy payers can use the number below to report any odour issues to Omega and the Environment Agency. We can make a difference by working together and contacting the hotlines. We have been assured that all who submit a complaint will receive feedback. If you have an odour complaint relating to Omega contact both the Omega Hotline at 07976857435 and the Environment Agency Hotline at 0800807060 as soon as you smell the odour.